Petfood Petfood Bulk Buying and Shelf-life

Pandemic: Considerations for Pet Food Bulk Buying and Shelf Life

The current economic situation is a grave concern for most of us: job loss, small businesses closing, and plunging investments. Many people have stocked up on essentials for themselves and likely for their pets as a result of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. We know the shelf life of most human products, and that we can extend

AVMA, Nutrition & (lack of) Ethics

How many times have you heard a veterinarian or the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) preach that those who are not veterinarians should not be giving nutritional advice?  Probably more than a few times. Interesting, maybe the AVMA should take their own advice before distributing an unvalidated, unscientific internet blog. Or, maybe they should rise to meet

Facts, fear, sales, CBD & COVID-19

News Flash: The study in question is NOT peer-reviewed. It’s also strictly theoretical, meaning it may (likely) not work, or even be dangerous. I could probably go on forever questioning why the media (and even some “reputable” associations) continue to share non-peer reviewed, non-verified information, but I won’t. We know a great headline catches clicks

Redefining Transparency in the Pet Industry

Redefining Transparency: a dirty word

Transparency rarely exists in the pet industry. Despite what marketing tells us. So how do we fix it? There are a lot of products and companies that make health claims and clean sourcing which aim to provide a certain level of comfort to the consumer. However, most companies are not willing or able to prove

“Goats Milk: Good for Dogs? Fact or Fiction?”

As a supplement, raw goat milk has really great nutritional benefits for your dog or cat. Many owners add it to kibble, canned and raw food for added nutrition and extra moisture. Most goat milk for companion animal consumption does not go through pasteurization, meaning it contains naturally occurring good microbes (probiotics) which may be

Are All Human Foods Dangerous for Dogs?

Every day there is more information made available to educate owners on various diets available. However, determining fact from fiction can be a challenge. Commonly discussed and debated topics include grain-free foods and the age-old practice of giving your pets “table food”. Should we feed human food to our pets? The short answer is it

Variety In Your Pet’s Diet

Varying your dog’s diet – also known as “rotational feeding” – not only keeps your pet from becoming bored with his food but also may have significant health benefits. Believe it or not, many processed foods like kibble or canned foods may not actually be 100% complete and balanced – even if the packaging says