• Congrats to Our Newest Contest Winner, Percy!

    Percy and his owners are the latest winners of a NPP Prize Pack! Thanks for encouraging others to support local business. YOU could be the next winner!

  • It’s Their Birthday! Go Ahead…Spoil ‘Em!

    Everything you need to celebrate Birthdays, Gotcha Days, and Adoption Days! Make sure your dog’s special day is one to remember with some extra love (and cookies)!

  • Over 750 Pet Owners Took Our Raw Feeding Survey Thanks to all your responses to our feeding survey! We received a total of 767 responses! 79.9% of participants said "I already feed a raw diet" (Graph 1) The remaining responses were broken down into Graph 2 Survey including people that already feed raw. Survey NOT including people that already feed raw. The "other" responses were organized into broader categories in this graph: Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey! Follow us as we dive deeper into your [...]
  • Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?

    It’s more common than you think! The Science Dog’s article “Wait. You Can Eat That?” sheds light on a behavior that may be more common than one ever could have thought. Does your dog fit the norm?

  • Store Hours Updates

    Closed on Monday, May 31st for Memorial Day. Closing early at 1pm on Sunday, June 6th for inventory!

  • Congrats to Our Newest Contest Winner!

    Trulee, Raphe & proud dog mom Cindy Trifone are the winners of the NutriSource Prize Pack! YOU could be our next winner!

  • French Study Finds Dogs’ Noses are Nearly as Effective as Nasal Swab Tests for Detecting COVID

    Trained dogs can sniff out Covid-19 infections in humans almost as effectively as PCR nasal swab tests. This new study could lead to more rapid test breakthroughs.

  • BEST SELLER: Spot Kitty Springs

    These inconspicuous plastic springs never fail to be a home run with cats of all ages. Colorful and lightweight, they bounce and roll unpredictably for play sessions that tap into kitty’s natural hunting and chasing instincts.

  • Podcast with Dr. Connor Brady

    Behind the scenes at NorthPoint: watch as Dr. Connor Brady, author of Feeding Dogs, and Nicci Cammack discuss his book and the controversial canine nutrition debate.

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