• Sometimes A Little Is A Lot

    Did you know that supplementing your pet’s diet with as little as 20% raw food can drastically reduce signs of allergies and reduce inflammation?

  • Nicci’s Secret Hack to Help Your Cat Drink More Water

    Do you know how much water your cat is drinking in a day? For most cat owners, the answer is going to be “not enough.” Find out Nicci’s easy trick to help your finicky feline stay well hydrated during the blistering days of summer.

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  • A Dog’s Tail: The Shoplifter Who Will Break Your Heart

    Meet the stray dog who kept stealing one, and only one, toy from a Dollar General store.

  • How To Get My Dog To Drink Water

    A vet’s proven tricks to get your dog to drink more water for a healthier, happier, and well-hydrated pet.

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  • Is Your Cat Getting Enough Water?

    Most cats will not drink enough water during the day without our intervention. Chronic dehydration can lead to a variety of health problems and even death. Learn how to help your cat stay hydrated this summer.

    Here are some tips:
    1. Feed a moisture rich food, such as canned or raw.
    2. Place water bowls away from food bowls, in multiple locations throughout the house.
    3. Always use shallow glass or food-grade ceramic dishes. Cats don’t like their whiskers rubbing the sides of the bowl.
    4. Since cats prefer moving fresh water, try a pet fountain.
    5. Change water daily and don’t forget to clean each time you fill.

  • 8 Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

    Practical tips on how to keep your dog cool and safe during summer’s blistering heat and humidity.

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