• Muddy dog? Save your tub!

    We can help you wash off those winter blues and start your spring cleaning! Call us to book your spot. Last appointment is one hour before close.

  • Staff Spotlight: Q & A Session with Tina Adams

    Get to know our family member, Tina! In our interview with her, she explains what her NPP super power is, shares what she likes to do when she isn’t working, recommends her favorite pet products, introduces us to her pup Petey, and more!

  • NorthPoint Pets sound off: Have you ever given raw food to your pets?

    If not, why? What is holding you back? We’d love to know! Take the survey on our Facebook page and we’ll post the results in a few weeks.

  • Pet Allergies – There’s more to it!

    Very often pet parents seek to blame an ingredient or set of ingredients listed on pet food packaging. However, allergies to common food ingredients like chicken, beef or other whole foods does not make much sense.

  • Do you have a scaredy cat?

    Are they not as social as you’d like them to be? Here are some tips.

  • Q & A Session with Beth Alogna

    Learn more about our family member, Beth! In our interview with her, she explains what brought her to NorthPoint Pets, shares what she’s learned by working at the store, recommends her favorite pet products, introduces us to her pets, and more!

  • The Petropolist Podcast: DCM Pet Food Recalls & Beyond Part 2

    Dr. Ryan Yamka and Nicci Cammack are featured on Episode 39 of The Petropolist Podcast. Listen to the second part of their discussion on DCM pet food recalls and beyond!

  • What makes a good dog? Or a ‘bad’ dog?

    Well – the answer isn’t simple, but owners have a bigger influence than you might think. In fact, a study published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science discusses some aspects of human and pet interactions that can influence canine behavior.

  • The Sploot: Should I be worried?

    Dogs are prone to amusing their owners in so many ways, and one of those ways is with a pose that’s become known as splooting.

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