• Pro Tip: Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks With Mental Engagement. Give your dog an enrichment toy to keep their mind occupied during fireworks season. Enrichment toys present a challenge (like a puzzle) that give your dog something less stressful (and positive) to focus on besides the loud noise. Some options include:  LickiMats Puzzle Toys West Paw Toppl Treat dispenser toys Snuffle Mats Purchase In-Store
  • Extend The Chew Time Of A Bully Stick Extend the Chew Time of a Bully Stick The West Paw Quizl is designed to hold a bully stick for the toughest chewers - adding an extra mental challenge and extending chew time! They’re also perfect for carrot sticks, collagen sticks, and (dog-safe) peanut butter! Quizl’s are also: BPA Free Dishwasher Safe  Made in the USA Made of Recyclable Material Find In-Store or Purchase Online
  • MSM: A Boost for Your Dog’s Joint Health

    Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM, enhances joint health & can also help with these six ailments:
    – Blocking Pain Signals
    – Reducing inflammation
    – Increasing nutrient uptake:
    – Serving as a powerful antioxidant
    – Alleviating allergy symptoms
    – Eliminating parasites

  • NorthPoint Featured Pet: Kai

    Our featured pet Kai has a favorite game and is guilty of stealing some interesting things!

  • Remember the Canine Candid Photo Contest?!

    The new NOBL Bars are finally in, with the pet winners on packages!

  • 3 Questions to Ask when Finding the Perfect Dog Chew

    Who is your chewer? Every dog is different! Ask these three questions to ensure your dog will LOVE the next chew toy you buy them.

  • ‘We Don’t Want to Count It’ Sale!

    As we prepare to do a big store inventory, we’re having a Red, White, and Toy Sale! Buy any 2 toys and get 1 FREE until Sunday 6/6!

  • FAQ: How Do I Switch My Pet’s Food?

    There is no universal transition that works for every pet, so the key is to “start low and go slow”. We recommend planning for at least a 10-14 day transition period to allow your pet’s digestive system to acclimate to the new food. If you notice slight digestive upset, you can reduce the new food slightly and progress slower, or supplement with probiotics (such as goat milk) to help ease the transition.

  • Congrats to Our Newest Contest Winner, Percy!

    Percy and his owners are the latest winners of a NPP Prize Pack! Thanks for encouraging others to support local business. YOU could be the next winner!

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