• The best puppy (or any pet) advice according to science

      Puppies have the potential to bring enormous benefits to their owners’ lives and can be an asset during uncertain times, including lockdown. That said, caring for a young animal is not without its challenges. With more than one in four puppy buyers during the pandemic admitting it was an impulse decision, there are genuine concerns for the future of the animals taken on during this…

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    • What fuel the domestication of dogs? Believe it or not, it’s still up for debate. Here is one theory:

      Sometime between around 29,000 and 14,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers navigating northern Eurasia’s frigid landscapes turned wolves into dogs by feeding them lean-meat leftovers. That, at least, is a likely scenario that would have benefited both wolves and people, say archaeologist Maria Lahtinen of the Finnish Food Authority in Helsinki and colleagues. In harsh Ice Age winters, when game hunted by both species was lean and…

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  • Why you need a Snuffle Mat

    Does your dog turn into a vacuum at mealtime, sucking up his meal in seconds? Or maybe he eats treats in a single gulp, without taking the time to enjoy them.

  • Kitty Corner – Want The Good Life? This Philosopher Suggests Learning From Cats

    An uncertain fate awaits the most bracing and contrarian writers: Will the insights they offer still come across as stingingly original if the disillusion they so often recommend becomes commonplace?

    I was thinking about this while reading John Gray’s peculiar new book, “Feline Philosophy,” the latest in a provocative oeuvre that has spanned four decades and covered subjects including Al Qaeda, global capitalism and John Stuart Mill.

  • NorthPoint 2020 by the Numbers

    Raw Frozen Food Sold:
    Raw Dog Food – 96,441 lbs
    Raw Cat Food – 4,413 lbs.

    *Does not include frozen treats and toppers such a goat milk or bone broth!

  • The OTHER Pandemic: Pet Obesity – It’s Real and COVID-19 is Making it Worse

    The majority of pet owners with obese pets don’t even realize their pet is overweight. The reason? Slow weight gain over a period of time is often undetectable, especially when you see your pet every day.

  • Majestic Dogs Photographed in Gorgeous Natural Landscapes Just Like Travel Influencers

    For French photographer Audrey Bellot, animals have always had a place in her heart. She’s loved dogs ever since she can remember, and she’s even turned her passion for pups into her career. She’s an expert in dog photography, and focuses on showcasing the beauty of the beloved pets by photographing them in stunning landscapes. Bellot tells My Modern Met, “I sincerely believe that dogs bring a lot to our everyday lives: love, happiness, security, and much more.”

  • Dogs & Owners May Suffer from Same Allergic Traits

    A study published in Nature Communications found that owners and pets who live in a more urban environment were more likely to exhibit allergic symptoms. The reason? Both people and dogs in urban communities are limited in their exposure to healthy microbes that exist in a more rural or wilderness-type environment.

  • Slow Feeders

    These are commonly recommended and used by pet parents all over. However, there is some evidence to suggest that the typical ‘maze’ style feeders may actually cause more harm than good. This is because the nose is one of the most sensitive part of a dogs body since it is filled with nerve endings. Constant ‘poking’ while dogs attempt to eat from traditional slow feeders can sometimes cause food aversion, frustration (e.g. tipping the bowl) and lack of joy around meal time.

  • Is Your Cat a Wanderer?

    Cats are very mysterious beings. They don’t like to be tied down. They’re natural wanderers. And Aoife McAleer’s cute cat, Jagger, is no exception. But Aoife wasn’t content to let her cat live a life of mystery without at least trying to figure out where she went when she left the house.

  • Protect Your Mental Health – Get a Pet

    Sharing a home with a pet appeared to act as a buffer against psychological stress during lockdown, a new survey shows.

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