• Human Impact on Cat Brains

      A new study confirms that cat brains have shrunk since they were domesticated by humans.

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    • Seasonal Allergy Relief

      Spring is in the air, and so are watery eyes, itchy skin, and runny noses. We’ve had lots of requests for natural remedies to combat allergies lately. These herbal supplements are targeted specifically for seasonal allergy symptoms - naturally!

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  • Looking for an “Indestructible” Dog Toy?

    While some toys may be more durable than others, there is simply no such thing as an ‘indestructible’ dog toy. If your dog is a power chewer, be sure to provide toys designed for tough chewing as opposed to those for tough play. There is a big difference!

    How To Choose The Perfect Chew

  • Why Cats Like to Sit in Boxes – Even Fake Ones

    It’s a cat thing – squeezing into the tiniest boxes possible (and even some that are just TOO small!) Have you ever wondered why?
    Find Out Why

  • Upcoming April Events

    Upcoming April Events
    Nail Trims
    Sunday, April 10th | 10AM – 3PM
    Cash only

    Sunday, April 24th | 10AM – 3PM
    Cash only

    Caturday & Cats Only Nail Trim Event
    Saturday, APRIL 30th

    Caturday Sale | 9AM – 5PM
    Nail Trims: 3PM – 5PM
    Cash only.

  • We Love Featuring Your Pets: Meet Loki!

    Breed: Siberian Husky
    Favorite treat: Peanut butter
    Favorite thing to do together: Hike
    Best thing about my pet: She loves to snuggle
    Most rewarding thing about being a pet owner: Getting to come home to a cute face after a long workday

    Want your pet featured? Email us your name, pet’s name, pet’s age and their story.

  • What Your Dog Is Dreaming About?

    If you think your dog is only dreaming about chasing squirrels… think again!

    What Do Dogs Dream About?

  • Congratulations to our Caturday Kick-off prize winners!

    Check out the photos from our Caturday Kick-off event!

  • Upcoming Events Next Nail Trim Event Sunday, March 20th | 10AM - 3PM Cash only Caturday & Cats Only  Nail Trim Event Saturday, March 26th  Caturday Sale | 9AM - 5PM Nail Trims: 3PM - 5PM Cash only.
  • $10 Dog Wash Wednesdays

    Visit us for a bath! Includes shampoo, towel, dryer and brush.

  • Meriden Animal Hospital Needs your help!

    The Meriden Animal Hospital is looking for participants to take part in their evaluation of a variety of nutritional supplements that improve dog’s joints! The team is looking for dogs who are not currently on medication or supplements and are showing signs of arthritis:

    Getting up slowly
    Experiencing difficulty with stairs or jumping into the car
    Showing signs of “just getting older”

    Learn More Here

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  • About NorthPoint Pets

  • At NorthPoint Pets we pride ourselves on research based pet nutrition with an individual approach, dedicated to finding an appropriate solution for every pet. We’re trying to help your pets stay happier, and healthier, longer.
    Four Paws at a time.

  • Shop NOBL Food Bars

    Pets before Profits, Formulated with no nonsense and no bull.

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