• A Spooooky Good Time

      Thank you to everyone who came out to join us for our Halloween Costume Party! We had such a great time and we hope you did too! Of course, the stars of the show were all those doggos in costumes!

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    • Side Dish Sale

      This Weekend ONLY! November 20-21st  On Saturday, from 12-3 PM meet Jake from Primal Pet Foods and let your pup try Primal’s Goat Milk or Bone Broths in a variety of flavors.  Take home a FREE pint of Primal Goat Milk or Bone Broth with any kibble purchase of 25lbs or more on Saturday ONLY! PLUS get 10% off ALL Primal Products all weekend long!…

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  • Science of ‘Sense’ – how does your pet see the world?

    There has always been debate about how and what dogs and cats can see. The reality? Dogs & cats don’t see as clearly as humans, and their lacking in the color department. However, they can see movement better than we can.

  • One Health Initiative

    The World is changing, COVID has accelerated that change in countless ways. I believe that the unprecedented collaboration between disciplines and scientists from all over the world will be looked at as one of the most incredible feats in our modern world.  My hope is that this collaboration (and open access to scientific literature) continues and inspires other professionals to integrate their practices and their knowledge to work together to improve the lives of humans, animals and the environment. In fact, there is something called the One Health Initiative which aims to do just that.

  • Grain Free Pet Food Diets | What to Know Before Switching

    The benefit and necessity of grain-free pet food have come under scrutiny in recent years due to an FDA investigation due to a potential association with a canine heart disease known as dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). As a result of this potential association, many have been told there is no scientific evidence to support the use of grain-free foods in canines and felines, or that these foods do not provide any benefit over grain-inclusive foods. For the most part, grain-free refers to kibble, although some have also categorized various canned, freeze-dried, and raw diets under the ‘grain-free’ umbrella. But are these claims accurate?

  • How can I switch my cat’s food when she’s SO picky? Dear NPP, I have the pickiest cat in the world! She only likes ONE flavor from ONE brand of dry food, and refuses to eat anything else I give her. I want to feed her something higher quality, but she won't even taste anything I bring home. How can I successfully introduce a new food? Sincerely, Picky Kitty Mom   Dear Picky Kitty Mom, This is actually a common problem with cats, so rest assured you're not alone! Switching your [...]
  • How to pick the best food for your pet

    Ever wonder how to help determine what food is best for your pets? Packaging and marketing can make it difficult to make choices. Did you ever wish for a guide to help you evaluate the quality and nutrition of products available? Good news! We did just that.

  • How to Safely Store Dry Food

    We’ve all heard it before—Keep your pet food in the original bag, do not dump the food into a plastic container. But why?
    Proper storage of pet food is essential in maintaining freshness and keeping your pet healthy. Pet food storage containers are typically not airtight. Therefore, these containers allow unwanted air and moisture to get into the food. Aside from the unwanted moisture, the oils and fats from the dry food can interact with the plastic of the container. All of this can cause mold to grow and make the food less palatable, and enjoyable for our furry friends.

  • Are All Human Foods Dangerous for Dogs?

    Every day there is more information made available to educate owners on various diets available. Commonly discussed and debated topics include grain-free foods and the age-old practice of giving your pets “table food.” Should we feed human food to our pets? The short answer is it depends. Some of these foods can be very beneficial and some could have unintended negative consequences.

  • Could Bacteria be the Secret to a Great Dog?

    Throughout the past 3 months, several peer-reviewed articles indicated how critical the microbiota and micro-biome are to canine behavior, health and performance, each warranting its own discussion. The following article discusses why canines should regularly receive probiotic supplementation to support their unique needs, and prevent common ailments and diseases

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  • At NorthPoint Pets we pride ourselves on research based pet nutrition with an individual approach, dedicated to finding an appropriate solution for every pet. We’re trying to help your pets stay happier, and healthier, longer.
    Four Paws at a time.

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