• Fresh Food: It’s Not All or Nothing

      Current research supports the idea that adding even small amounts of fresh food can be a powerful way to boost your pet’s health. 1. Fresh Bowl Topper Ideas 2. Fresh fruits and vegetables: spinach, broccoli, watermelon, blueberries, apples 3. Hydrators: bone broth, goat milk Convenient toppers: freeze-dried or frozen raw

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    • Are You Overfeeding Your Pet?

      Feeding guidelines on your pet’s food label can be deceiving. If you need assistance with how much to feed your pets, we are happy to help! Visit To Chat

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  • Kitty Corner: Keep Calm & Read This Article

    What do you do when your cat goes missing?  Don’t wait until it’s too late, Sarah from @Sarah’s Pet Sitting provides some great tips so you can keep calm should you ever find yourself in this situation!

  • Pets & People: Personalities Change As with their human owners, dogs' personalities change as they age. But some traits stay the same.   Learn More Here
  • Dog Breath: The Solution

    Dental care no longer has to be a chore, or expensive. The last couple of years have had several improvements and advancements when it comes to canine and feline dental care. Even we admit we sometimes don’t pay this enough attention when it comes to our own pets, but now dental care doesn’t have to be as much of a chore with TEEF!

  • Need a smile?

    Here are some Elephants smashing pumpkins & enjoying a tasty fall treat. Not kidding – watch!

  • Canada Pooch!

    We’re got an awesome selection of the best coats your pet needs now!  Be ready for those early morning and late night walks this winter!

  • Got Gullet?

    Thyroid hormone in excess can be disastrous for our pets. It’s been responsible for a number of recalls – but do you know where it could be lurking?

    This article highlights why it is important to know sourcing of your pet food (especially raw) and treats. Animals can consume too much thyroid hormone if things like the esophagus and trachea were not handled properly in slaughter. This is one of the reasons why NPP Does not sell or recommend raw trachea, or raw food products with raw trachea in them.

  • Hold the Kefir!

    Kefir has gained recent popularity for pets, but is it all it’s cracked up to be? Science says it’s iffy. The reasoning behind that is that the most common commercial kefir products either did not have the bacterial species it claimed to have, did not have adequate population of those bacteria or the products were mislabeled. Some products even had spelling errors on their packaging!

  • Little Known Fact:

    Do you let your pet kiss your face? We’re guilty! But we’ve heard some say this could be dangerous.

    We were curious about where science stood on this behavior, so we consulted experts in both human and animal health to find out how bad it really is to let your pet kiss you on the mouth.

  • We’re NorthPoint Pets:

    Welcome to our NEW weekly Newsletter I hope you love it and as are excited about it as we are – I’m Nicole Cammack, the founder and owner of NorthPoint Pets here in Cheshire, CT. We’ve been busy behind the scenes building you a new & functional website, designing this newsletter, getting our Jeep ready for making local deliveries & most importantly – helping you, the best customers we could ever ask for. While 2020 was a trying year, we’re thrilled to still be here supporting you and your pets – a commitment we will continue to have for many years to come. We hope that your commitment to supporting this local business and others within our community stays equally as strong.

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