• 5 Ways to Engage your Cat with a Busy Schedule

      Cats have evolved to keep a rhythm of activities that keep their metabolism in check. This sequence affects every part of their daily metabolic processes, ranging from their hunger and digestion to their grooming and sleep cycles.

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    • The Tough Questions We Ask Prospective Brands

      Ever wonder how Nicci & the team at NorthPoint Pets (NPP) evaluates brands to determine what foods end up on our shelves? It’s actually a lot of work and involves a lot of tough conversations. We thought it would be fun to show you a little behind the scenes of what questions we ask and why, so you know how choosy we are when it…

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  • Brandon & Hades’ Raw Testimony

    Hades was a VERY picky eater when he came home from the hospital and we struggled big time when it came to getting him to eat. Numerous bags of dry food went to waste because he seemed to have became bored with it, as well as wet food. We found it tough to gain back the weight he had lost when he got sick too. Luckily enough I had discovered Northpoint Pets & Company in the middle of this dilemma and a simple 10 minute conversation with the staff re-directed my mindstate from kibble to Raw. We gave raw a shot and I’ll tell you what, we’ll never switch back. Instantly, Hades was hooked. Not only was it a simple switch but the benefits showed immediately.

    7 Reasons Why You’ll LOVE Freeze-Dried Food

    Freeze-dried raw food is still raw and has not been cooked. Therefore, perhaps the best benefit of all is that it contains pristine nutrition for your pet: animal-based proteins, essential fats and amino acids in their most digestible, bioavailable form. At NPP we strongly believe that whole, fresh feeding is the best form of nutrition for your pet.

    What are NOBL Bars?

    NOBL Bars are complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes!

    Q & A with Nicci Cammack

    Caitlin: What is your favorite supplement and why?
    Anything fresh – I am an advocate for adding fresh food in every pet’s bowl (even in small amounts). In my experience, small additions of fresh fruit, veggies and lean meats can make a profound difference.

    If your cat just doesn’t enjoy catnip, try Silvervine!

    FACT: Roughly half of all household cats do not respond to catnip. If this includes your feline friend, this Japanese medicinal herb might be your cat’s new obsession!

    We need your help!

    Share our raw survey with your friends and family on social media! We’d love to hear from everyone.

    Q&A session with Morgan Hunt

    In our interview with Morgan, she dives into her typical day as a vet tech, her most memorable moment at work, why she loves to write for our blog, introduces us to her adorable pets, and more!

    Bored Pet? Boredom Bags™ to the Rescue!

    Much like humans, pets need mental and physical stimulation. When they’re bored, pets are likely to get into trouble and act disruptive.  We’ve got a solution to keep them safe, happy, and entertained: Boredom Bags™!

    What Causes Dog Tear Stains? Plus Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

    If you’re reading this, you’re probably frustrated with your pet’s tear stains. Maybe you’ve tried every over-the-counter solution, changed your pet’s food and have been vigilant about cleaning, all to no avail. So, what can you do?

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  • At NorthPoint Pets we pride ourselves on research based pet nutrition with an individual approach, dedicated to finding an appropriate solution for every pet. We’re trying to help your pets stay happier, and healthier, longer.
    Four Paws at a time.

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