• Five Reasons Your Dog May Stink

      Does your dog have an awful stench – even after a bath? Getting to the root cause of your dog’s smell is essential for their overall health. If your dog is stinky, there’s a reason.

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    • 5 Reasons to Add Bone Broth to Your Pet’s Bowl

      Bone broth might sound like a trendy treat to your pet, but it’s been used for hundreds of years all over the world. This nutritional treat is packed with vitamins and minerals to boost your pet’s overall health and wellness. Our pets experience inflammation and metabolic stress just like we do. Feeding your pet a mineral-rich stock like bone broth can improve inflammation, promote a…

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  • What I Learned from Adopting Two Kittens

    After our senior cat Timmy passed away in April of 2021, I decided to adopt 2 female kittens from a local rescue to join our family. That July, we adopted 14 week old Kiwi and Nala. We were only going to adopt one kitten, but the rescue said we had to take both. Of course I couldn’t say no! Caring for these little ones has been quite the trip for me and my family as we all had to adjust to having not one but two tiny fuzzy troublemakers rambling around the house. Here are some things we learned through the last few months!

    The Good, Better, and Best Dental Care for Your Pet

    Your pet’s dental health is an important piece of their overall health and wellness. Oral disease can be caused by diet, genetics, or poor oral care. Poor dental health can lead to other ailments, which is why pet owners should learn how to care for their pet’s teeth early. 

    Learn Why Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Are Beneficial For Pets

    Pet nutrition is a hot topic. So, let’s focus on the basics: fruits and vegetables. 

    We know fruits and vegetables are essential for our diets, but they are also beneficial for our pets. Fruits and vegetables are nutrient-dense, and the benefits your pets obtain from the fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and vitamins can do wonders for their health. 

    What Should I Do If My Pet Is Overweight?

    While our initial reaction to an overweight pet may be to call out how cute and cuddly they look, the reality is that their health is suffering. Obesity has quickly become one of the most common nutritional disorders and could be the most significant health threat for your pet.

    Rules to Live by: Leash Etiquette in Public

    One of the most common challenges dog owners experience when they head out into public is other dog owners and dog lovers. This is challenging because dogs are not often granted the right to consent. It’s important for us all to remember that a dog being in public does not imply consent. Humans claim they can’t control themselves around dogs and simply “have to” pet them. Dog owners let their impulsive dogs rush up to other dogs on the pretense that “he’s friendly!”

    Too Many Toys and Not Enough Play: How to Keep Your Dog Interested (Without New Toys)

    Dear NPP, 
    I love spoiling my dog with new toys. I bring home new ones for him all the time but he gets bored of them so quickly. Nothing really holds his interest for longer than a couple of days. What can I do to keep his interest?
                          Drowning in Dog Toys

    The NPP Ultimate Gift Guide

    Our team at NorthPoint Pets compiled a list of what we are gifting our pets this Christmas season. Each gift is personalized for our pet’s personality and lifestyle. Take a look at some of our favorite products we can’t wait to gift our furry friends!

    5 Ways to Engage your Cat with a Busy Schedule

    Cats have evolved to keep a rhythm of activities that keep their metabolism in check. This sequence affects every part of their daily metabolic processes, ranging from their hunger and digestion to their grooming and sleep cycles.

    The Tough Questions We Ask Prospective Brands

    Ever wonder how Nicci & the team at NorthPoint Pets (NPP) evaluates brands to determine what foods end up on our shelves? It’s actually a lot of work and involves a lot of tough conversations. We thought it would be fun to show you a little behind the scenes of what questions we ask and why, so you know how choosy we are when it comes to the food that ends up in your (and our) pets’ bowls!

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