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Adriana Q & A

1. What brought you to NPP/tell us about your background.

I always had a passion and love for animals especially our companion pets. My sister is a Veterinary Technician Assistant at a vet hospital, and I was intrigued every day by what she was learning. I knew I wanted to work with animals but not the medicine aspect. That’s when I stumbled across NPP. Once I discovered that the main focus here is preventative care and the power of nutrition, I just had to become a part of the movement! With such a knowledgeable and passionate staff, I knew I would be in the best of hands to learn the other side of the spectrum.

2. Tell us about your pets!

While I don’t currently have my own fur babies, I am one proud auntie to two amazing little pugs! My nephew Oscar Louis is 9 years old and my niece Hazel Grace is 3 years old. Although Oscar has slowed down some with age, he tries his best to keep up with his little sister. Hazel makes sure to keep him on his toes! They both love walks on the beach or down the street, snacks, their nap time, and lots of cuddles.

3. What do you enjoy most about working at NPP?

I love being able to help/educate pet owners on common issues they may be experiencing with their pets and show them products to guide them to make the best decision for their situation. Being able to give customers proper information is so important in an industry with many different one-sided opinions. Northpoint Pets is all about the facts and studies to back it up and that is something I myself look for, honesty.

4. Tell us your must-have item from NPP.

My must-have item is definitely goat whip. We then mix it with some pumpkin, stuff it in a Kong, and put in the freezer. It makes for a great nighttime snack for the dogs to calm down and relax.

5. What is your favorite toy/treat from NPP?

My favorite toy is Fluff and Tuff! They are very durable but still soft enough for pets to hold/cuddle and also super cute!

6. What is your favorite product to recommend and why?

My favorite product is bone broth. It’s great to use for a picky eater or one who needs to gain an appetite, promotes healthy skin and coat, and aids in gut health and digestion. It also contains collagen which is an amino acid awesome for repairing tissues throughout the body; that includes the lining of the stomach that can become compromised, thus the gut health and joint support. You can add it to kibble for rehydration or serve it by itself!

Oscar Louis

Oscar Louis & Hazel Grace

Hazel Grace

About author

Adriana joined the NorthPoint team in June 2021. Driven by an interest in preventative wellness in companion animals, Adriana has a passion for helping pets feel their best through diet and nutrition. In her spare time, she loves to spoil her sister’s two pugs, spend time with friends and family, and watch true crime documentaries.

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