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Everything you NEED to know about pet poison control in one helpful link. While we hope you never need it – it’s always good to have the Pet Poison Control number saved in case you ever do!  Here are some little-known facts surrounding the Pet Poison Control service in hopes it helps you to avoid some frustration and save you previous time in the event of an emergency.

When pet parents call Pet Poison Control they are off put by the $59 fee, but this fee covers the Pet Poison Control services from this extensive team of experts and allows your veterinarian direct collaboration throughout the entire case. In other words, follow ups are included and a minimal cost for the valuable nature of this service. We suggest saving this number in your phone should you ever need it!

The sooner a pet poisoning is addressed, the easier, less expensive, and safer it is to treat.


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Nicole is the founder & owner of multiple-award winning NorthPoint Pets & Company, in Connecticut, USA. She has completed undergraduate work in biological sciences, business and holds an M.S. in Nutrition. Currently Nicole is pursuing a PhD in Comparative Biomedical Sciences (Canine Nutrition/Metabolomics) at the prestigious University of Georgia in the USA. Her background includes experience in the pharmaceutical industry on multiple R&D projects and has had the privilege to learn from leading figures in the human and pet health industries. Nicole has been heavily involved in police canine nutrition within the USA, helping to improve the modern care and feeding of working dogs. Her interests include working dog nutrition, raw feeding, pathogens, metabolomics, and nutrition’s relationship to disease in humans and canines. Her current research involves exploration of the canine urinary metabolome and the relationship to diet.

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