• The Tough Questions We Ask Prospective Brands

      Ever wonder how Nicci & the team at NorthPoint Pets (NPP) evaluates brands to determine what foods end up on our shelves? It’s actually a lot of work and involves a lot of tough conversations. We thought it would be fun to show you a little behind the scenes of what questions we ask and why, so you know how choosy we are when it…

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    • 2021 Storefront Retailer of the Year by the Independent Pet Innovation Awards

      CHESHIRE, SEPTEMBER 15, 2021– NorthPoint Pets & Company announced today that the company was named the 2021 Storefront Retailer of the Year by the 3rd Annual Independent Pet Innovation Awards. NorthPoint Pets was selected from a field of over 1,250 nominees, including other top companies and innovations from across the pet care industry.

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  • Founder of NorthPoint Pets: Nicole Cammack wins $10,000 in Small Business Growth Contest!

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ATLANTA, February 12, 2020—  Sage (FTSE: SGE), the market leader in cloud business management solutions, announced today that founder Nicole Cammack of NorthPoint Pets has been deemed the winner in its Rising 50 club contest, completed January 10, 2020. Sage 50cloud created the contest to honor small business owners who were successfully growing their business. Cammack launched NorthPoint Pets in Connecticut in 2014, as a carefully crafted resource focusing on pet nutrition and behavioral well-being. NorthPoint Pets provides high-quality […]

    It’s not about who is “right” or “wrong”

    While in school I was taught that half of what I was learning would be proven wrong – the problem is that we did not, and still don’t know what half is wrong. Even so, the more education I receive and the more brilliant scientists and researchers I meet from around the world, the more I realize we know very little about the world we live in and the sciences that drive it. It’s up to us to keep asking […]

    Grain-Free Diets and Heart Disease: The Whole Truth

    Summary Recent reports discussing the potential relationship between grain free pet foods and Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) have given pet owners and veterinarians alike cause for concern. Little research and data are available surrounding this potential relationship, and some within the industry have failed to recognize a greater problem. DCM is just one of many concerns pet owners have to face, along with cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and allergies to name a few. For owners and veterinarians concerned about grain-inclusive or […]

    What You Need to Know About EEE Virus & Your Pets

    While you are getting ready to take in the fall foliage on a hike with your dog or sitting on the front porch with your cat, here’s what you need to know about mosquitos in order to protect your pets from Triple E and more.

    Pet Food Containers: Helpful or Dangerous?

    You go to the store and purchase pet food, bring it home, pour it into a plastic bin with a lid – toss the bag away and go about feeding your pet for the next few weeks or even months. This a dangerous practice for so many reasons, and most pet parents are completely unaware!  Fortunately, we’ve taken an evidence-based approach to why we should avoid the use of bins, or ways we can make their use safer. What Exactly […]

    Supplements & Improving the Quality of Dry Food

    We literally could write a blog every day for a year and still not cover every supplement and their use – this is such a big space with a huge market to match. There is a supplement that can benefit just about every condition and issue, and they can also be used to boost nutrition. We recommend a variety of supplements for varying reasons – however the most common reason is to improve upon kibble. For example, we may add […]

    History of Pet Food

    The beginning of pet food as we know it began in the year 1860 with the invention of the “dog biscuit” in England. A gentleman by the name of James Spratt made this biscuit from vegetables, beef blood, wheat, and beetroot. These biscuits became incredibly popular, and by 1890 the commercial pet food industry had made it to the United States with other companies making their own version of the dog biscuit. In 1907 the Milk Bone was born in […]

    Does the Way You Purchase Your Pet Food Pose a Risk?

    In our previous posts we’ve examined how dry food or “kibble” came to be and why it might not always be a one-size-fits-all option. The pet food industry has boomed over the past couple of decades, with some incredible advancements in the last decade alone. However, have some of these advancements come at a cost? Let’s take a look: We now have canned pet foods that are more edible than some canned human foods, freeze dried complete meals, kibble mixed […]

    Grass Eating…Problem or Not?

    As greenery awakens in springtime, we often see our cats and dogs munch on some of the freshly grown grass and other vegetation. You have likely been told at some point that your pet eating grass may be an indicator of an upset stomach. However – this is likely not the case, and most instances of dogs or cats eating grass are perfectly normal and healthy! While dogs are hunters by nature, they are also known to scavenge. While many [...]

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