Blog Q & A with Caitlin

Q & A with Caitlin

What brought you to NPP?

I was brought to NPP by my father, who was previously working with Nicci for his dog, Roko. Through conversation with Nicci, he found out she needed help at the store and I was interested!

What is your role at NPP?

I’m a sales associate, so I help customers with any questions they have, I help them find the right food and supplements for their pets. My favorite thing to do is to recommend treats because I use a wide variety at home so I have personal experience with them!

Tell us about your pets!

I have 3 pets: Roko, a Malinois-Shepherd Mix, Pixie, a chihuahua mix, and my cat Jonas (named after the Jonas brothers). We adopted Pixie and Jonas from Cheshire Animal Control. Roko is a K9 unit for Cheshire Police Department.

What do you enjoy most about working at NPP?

Finding out more than I thought I knew about pet nutrition! There is so much to learn about health, diet, training, etc. that I’m always learning something new.

What is your pet’s favorite toy from NPP?

The Jolly Pets Soccer Ball! I’m amazed by it because it is impossible to deflate, even after my dog bites into it and carries it around. He pops every single ball that he gets a hold of and this toy has lasted months!

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to watch TikTok, go to the gym, and family activities like feeding the ducks at the park, day trips to NYC, and going on long walks with my best friend.

What is your proudest/most memorable moment since working at NPP?

The first time I helped a customer on my own! I recommended a Cloud Collar for a dog after he was neutered. I remember it really well because it was the day we had the Sip and Shop event in the store. I felt proud because I was able to use my training given to help other people.

What is something you have learned while working at NPP?

Working as a team and communicating with each other, regardless of what it’s about, is the most important thing to make sure everyone is on the same page. This also gives people the option to give their opinion about something.

Asking the important questions now…can we see some pictures of your pets?

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Caitlin Regan is a recent high school graduate (Class of 2020) where she was a cheerleader. She has three sisters, one of whom is a twin - in addition she has three dogs — a chihuahua, a pure-bred German Shepard, and a German Shepard Malinois mix — and one cat. She’s a very active person who enjoys long hikes and walks with family and friends.

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