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Slow Feeders

These are commonly recommended and used by pet parents all over. However, there is some evidence to suggest that the typical ‘maze’ style feeders may actually cause more harm than good. This is because the nose is one of the most sensitive part of a dogs body since it is filled with nerve endings. Constant ‘poking’ while dogs attempt to eat from traditional slow feeders can sometimes cause food aversion, frustration (e.g. tipping the bowl) and lack of joy around meal time.


Instead, there is a better way to feed – via a platter which naturally encourages dogs to eat slower as well as maintain a more natural position while eating. Platters we carry are made in the USA from plant-based material, are dishwasher safe and work for kibble, canned and raw feeding!

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Nicole founded NorthPoint Pets & Company to fill a void for pet parents: information and transparency. Since 2014, she is proudly leading an incredibly talented team that boasts several national awards as the leader in independent pet retail, innovation, education, health, nutrition and transparency. She is currently working on her PhD at the University of Georgia (UGA), College of Veterinary Medicine in Canine Nutrition & Metabolomics, to study how pet food can influence disease. When not at NorthPoint or UGA she can be found presenting at national conferences, including federal, state, and municipal organizations.

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