k9 Things The OTHER Pandemic: Pet Obesity – It’s Real and COVID-19 is Making it Worse

The OTHER Pandemic: Pet Obesity – It’s Real and COVID-19 is Making it Worse

The majority of pet owners with obese pets don’t even realize their pet is overweight. The reason? Slow weight gain over a period of time is often undetectable, especially when you see your pet every day.

Sometimes it isn’t as easy as simply reducing calories or increasing exercise. The quality of food, and availability of nutrients, and your pets individual health status and metabolism all play a role too.


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Nicole is the founder & owner of multiple-award winning NorthPoint Pets & Company, in Connecticut, USA. She has completed undergraduate work in biological sciences, business and holds an M.S. in Nutrition. Currently Nicole is pursuing a PhD in Comparative Biomedical Sciences (Canine Nutrition/Metabolomics) at the prestigious University of Georgia in the USA. Her background includes experience in the pharmaceutical industry on multiple R&D projects and has had the privilege to learn from leading figures in the human and pet health industries. Nicole has been heavily involved in police canine nutrition within the USA, helping to improve the modern care and feeding of working dogs. Her interests include working dog nutrition, raw feeding, pathogens, metabolomics, and nutrition’s relationship to disease in humans and canines. Her current research involves exploration of the canine urinary metabolome and the relationship to diet.

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