Blog Why Do My Dog’s Feet Smell Like Fritos?

Why Do My Dog’s Feet Smell Like Fritos?

Let’s be honest. We’re all dog lovers here. We often appreciate their snuggles after a long day. But, have you ever cuddled up next to your dog and noticed a distinct smell coming from their feet? This is commonly known as “frito feet.” This smell, which usually occurs within the ears or feet, is usually related to yeast overgrowth.

Yeast is a naturally occurring fungus that is found in both humans and dogs. However, if there is an abundance of it, it can cause issues and discomfort. Yeast thrives in moist, warm environments, which is why it is noticed in our pet’s feet and ears. An overgrowth of yeast may be caused by a multitude of factors—usually environmental or diet related. However, yeast is often fueled by the ingredients we feed our dogs. This is why it is important to ensure you are building a healthy pup from the inside out.

If you believe your pet may have yeast overgrowth, a diet change may be exactly what they need to feel better. Adding fresh foods to their diet can promote a healthy gut and help the immune system resolve the yeast overgrowth and prevent further issues. Supplements like probiotics and digestive enzymes can also be added to help aid the process. Our staff at NorthPoint can help you make healthy decisions for your pet’s diet.

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Michelle is a Registered Nurse, holding her bachelor's degree in Nursing with both Emergency and ICU experience. It goes without saying that she has incredible attention to detail, the ability to see past the obvious and a knack for research. Like many in this industry, she had a sick pet which developed her keen interest in animal nutrition, and her experience in human medicine and the ability to think critically serve her well in this space. Her quest for knowledge drives her to dive into topics that may be considered controversial, or that don’t have much research in animal nutrition. This allows her to provide a unique perspective to other pet owners which also encourages them to ask the tough questions and challenge the status quo. When she is not working in the hospital or researching and contributing to the NPP Journal she can be found spending time with her Dog Susie and cats Stout and Archer. If you have a topic or a question you would like an evidence-based research answer to you can email Michelle here.

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