“Goats Milk: Good for Dogs? Fact or Fiction?”

by Nicole Decrisantis
May 5, 2020

As a supplement, raw goat milk has really great nutritional benefits for your dog or cat. Many owners add it to kibble, canned and raw food for added nutrition and extra moisture. Most goat milk for companion animal consumption does not go through pasteurization, meaning it contains naturally occurring good microbes (probiotics) which may be beneficial for common digestive problems – among others. 

Goats milk is different than cows milk in that it is more digestible, in part because the fat globules are smaller. In addition, goats milk contains an extensive list of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, and fatty acids.  Along with beneficial microbes, your pets are able to absorb nutrients more efficiently. This digestive support can boost your pet’s immune system which may help with common allergy-type issues.

Another benefit, especially for kibble fed pets, is that raw goat’s milk provides increased moisture intake, which can also improve digestion. Goats milk can also entice picky eaters since dogs and cats both love the taste! It can even be used intermittently for those pets who may need light or bland meals due to certain conditions.

While all pets can benefit from raw goat’s milk as a dietary supplement, it is especially beneficial for pets with digestive issues and those in need of immune support. There are many brands, and types of raw goat milk products available from trustworthy brands like Rawganics, Primal & Answers. Answers also offer fermented goat milk, cow milk, and fermented cheese treat that all of our pets enjoy! 

Raw goat’s milk can be given to your pet by itself, as a topper for raw food, canned food, or over kibble. 

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