Your NPP Guide to Flea and Tick Season
Yes, it's true - ticks are already here! After only a few short weeks of warmer weather, our flea and tick preventatives are already in high demand! The past few years we have seen an epidemic of ticks, and I have been asked every question about ticks, tick-borne disease, preventative etc. However the one question I've been asked the most is “why are they SO BAD these past few years?” We also know that ticks can carry some nasty diseases [...]
Heartworm: Learn what happened when one of our own dogs was diagnosed.

By now we’ve all been made aware of the risks related to heartworm. Recently, we realized that some information on heartworm was biased or incomplete. So, we decided to take a deeper dive into exactly what heartworm is, after one of our own dogs was diagnosed and we were left with some unanswered questions ourselves. Luckily, we have a close network of incredible veterinarians here and throughout the U.S. that helped to create an individualized plan. We wanted to share some of what we learned through our experience as well as touch on why we see an increasing prevalence of heartworm in the Northeast US and what we can do about it.

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